The Design Department is responsible for handling matters relating to industrial design rights by offering clients service that include:

filing design applications with KIPO and answering office actions : and
trial proceeding and litigation before the court and KIPO

- Filing Requirements for Design Applications

The following material is needed in order to secure a filing date:

A. Copy of design representations, such as photographs, drawings or the like, or a sample article from which we can prepare suitable representations

B. Information Sheet with the following information:

1. Applicant (name, address, nationality)
2. Inventors (name, address, nationality)
3. Short description of the design
3. Details of any priority claim, including filing country and filing date.

C. Power of Attorney----download

<If you have any problem with downloading, use the right mouse button to click on the desired form and then choose "Save target as" from the pop-up window (MS Internet Explorer)>

D. Certified copy of the priority document, including a verified translation of any parts of the priority document that are not in English(only when claiming priority)

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