The members of the Patent Department assist our clients to save time and expenses involved in filing applications for inventions and any other procedures before the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the court, with efficient, professional advice and diligent service in physics, electronics, optics, mechanics, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, biology, computers and robot technology.
The Patent Department assists clients by providing such services as:

filing applications for patent in all countries as well as Korea, answering office actions and conducting opposition proceedings :
anti-counterfeiting actions before the court and KIPO:
conducting patent, copyright and unfair competition litigation before KIPO and the court : and
recording of assignments and license agreements

- Filing Requirement for Patent applications

A. Specification, claims and drawings (if necessary)

B. Information Sheet with the following information:

1. Applicant (name, address, nationality)
2. Inventor (name, address, nationality)
3. Title of the invention, and
4. Priority claim (the country, filing date, application number), if any.

[ In case of PCT, a copy of the cover sheet of International Application published under PCT and/or PCT/IPEA/409 Form if any amendments are made under PCT Article 19 or 34]

C. A certified copy of the priority document and translation thereof must be submitted within 16 months from the priority date. In the case of a PCT application, according to the regulations of the Enforcement decree of the Korean Patent Law, a Korean translation of the priority document must be submitted within the due date for submitting a document regarding the filing of the International Patent Application into National stage or in the event the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) receives a certified copy of the priority document from WIPO for the PCT case, the document should be submitted together with its Korean translation, within 2 months of being informed of the arrival date of the certified copy.

D. A Power of Attorney must be submitted within two months from the filing date.
Regarding the executed Power of Attorney form, any change on the form will result in the document being rejected by KIPO.
Thus, an original, properly executed Power of Attorney without any amendments or corrections should be submitted at the time of filing. Otherwise, the KIPO will issue the notice of the Amendment which allows about a two-month delay.

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